Auburn Dog Park

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Looking for a place to socialize and exercise your playful pup? Check out Auburn Dog Park in Auburn Massachusetts! 

The dog park is open from dawn to dusk. It has two separate fenced-in areas for pups to play. One for small dogs under twenty-five pounds and one for larger dogs over twenty-five. Pet parents can enjoy a shaded pavilion or the benches to relax while the dogs play. There are water fountains for parents and pets. Just fill a bowl! 

As with all dog parks, you must clean up after your fur baby. For your convenience, there are waste receptacles on site. Any time you attend a dog park be sure to bring your bags just in case there aren’t any in stock. The Town of Auburn asks that you help keep the other areas clean by keeping all dogs out of the playground area.

Auburn Dog Park Rules and Regulations 

For the Pups:

Make to leash your pups while entering and exiting Auburn Dog Park

Leashes must be worn upon entering and exiting the Auburn Dog Park. Collars or harnesses are to be worn at all times while playing in the dog park. They cannot be pinch, prong, spiked, or choke collars. Pups must be legally licensed and wear their tag at all times in the dog park. Puppies need to be at least six months old. And all dogs need to be up to date on their rabies vaccine. No aggressive dogs are allowed. Owners have to remove their dog at the first sign of aggression towards any other dog or human. Your female dogs cannot come to play at the park while they are in heat. And males who are not neutered should be closely monitored.

For the Parents:

Pet parents can’t bring more than two dogs into the park at one time. Parents can bring their human children as long as they are 10 years or older. Both four and two-legged children must be supervised at all times. For safety’s sake no treats, human foods or toys can be brought into the dog park. Smoking and glass containers are not allowed either. Make sure to clean up after your pup immediately and fill in any holes they dig.

Incidents at the Auburn Dog Park

If for some reason an incident occurs be sure to exchange contact information with the other dog’s owner and leave the park.  You can also access an online form to file a complaint or report an incident that occurred at the dog park to the Town of Auburn. This form can also be used to inform the Town of Auburn about any maintenance requests or concerns related to the dog park. 

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