Why Bark N Roll in North Reading is a Fantastic Doggy Daycare!

woman in red jacket sitting on stairs in the woods with her two dogs Bark N Roll Reading MA

Trusting your best fur friend in the hands of another can be scary! Especially if you’ve never left them or are anxious about it! North Reading has a few options for pet care and doggy daycare, but one local facility really stands out, so I’d love to tell you about Bark N Roll

About Bark N Roll

Bark N Roll is a one-stop shop for any needs you may have for your canine! Bark N Roll is a canine care service, doggy daycare, training center, and more! Their mission is to bridge the connection between humans and dogs in honor of the unique experience. They also believe in a positive reward-based training philosophy and offer species and breed-specific enrichment opportunities such as free-spirited, social interactions based on relationships, and the ability for all dogs to coexist and learn harmoniously. 

Bark N Roll was founded by Francine Coughlin, a certified positive trainer/behavior consultant, and service dog coach. Her idea began as she worked in Los Angeles and volunteered at various dog rescue organizations and shelters. This work inspired her to move back home to the East Coast in 2010 and create Bark N Roll to incorporate her love for all things canine into an excellent service for dogs. They built a unique facility, offering a cute and welcoming environment when you first arrive and enter through their front door! Inside you’ll find tons of futons, couches, and cots for your dog to make themselves comfortable on, as well as a dedicated kitchen space for their meal preparations. 

Bark N Roll’s facility has an enormous, open indoor pace, perfect for running around, having fun, and training. Their boarding room features state-of-the-art tempered glass enclosures. Which are climate controlled and provide a safe, cozy place to stay. But you can also add blankets and toys! They also have a large, fenced outdoor yard with plenty of space to explore and run around! Bark N Roll honestly thought of everything when developing their facility. But most importantly, they had your pup’s safety and comfort in mind!

woman in red jacket sitting in the woods holding her cat up in the air Bark N Roll Reading MA

Training Services

Bark N Roll offers in-home and on-site canine care services that are completely customizable to their clients and four-legged members. As part of Bark N Roll’s training services, they offer the school of rock. Which is obedience training for your dog. This training school utilizes a positive training philosophy based on using the least invasive methods. They also do not include aversive equipment or coercive reinforcers to modify dog behavior.

Bark N Roll has a few different training services available. Such as their School of Rock boarding school, boarding school board and train, an AKC S.T.A.R. puppy course and evaluation, beginner band practice for all ages, middle-of-the-road intermediate band practice, top-of-the-charts-advanced/CGC band practice, punky pups of all ages which is a behavior modification course for reactive dogs, gym class: fitness and basic agility, rock your walk outdoor walking course, punky pups outdoor walking course, and teeny boppers monthly puppy play groups for puppies 8 weeks to 6 months. 

They also offer Rockin Solo, a private in-home, in-studio, or on-tour field trip training courses and sessions, in-home, in-facility, or remote behavioral evaluations, and a kids n canines family dog and safety seminar. Bark N Roll offers many in-home care services as well. Such as 20 to 30-minute dog walking services, 10 to 15-minute potty breaks, doggy joggin’ or adventure hiking, 30 minutes of vigorous exercise time, a 30-minute training walk, and band practice training. They also offer a package for multiple in-home sitting visits! 

woman in red jacket sitting in the woods with her two dogs

Doggy Day Care

Bark N Roll’s in-facility daycare offers a structured schedule that includes regular rotations of fresh air, exercise, play, outdoor potty time, rest and relaxation, and training and enrichment time. Your dog will be paired with others of similar size, age, and energy level while here for daycare so they can have even more fun with furry friends! Their daycare services offer a 4-hour minimum tryout and daycare evaluation, a full day daycare day, and their teeny boppers day program for puppies 8 weeks and up. 

They also offer transportation to and from your home and their facility. They also provide room service, snack packs, private training sessions, and doggie zen time, a relaxing one-on-one massage session! 

woman in red shaking hands with her pup in the woods Bark N Roll Reading MA

Overnight Boarding

Bark N Roll also provides other services to already enrolled clients, such as their overnight boarding options, which consist of their Rock N Roll All Night boarding, with the ability to add on extras to ensure your pup is comfy during their stay! Their boarding options also include the boarding school board and train. As mentioned earlier. So do you need to get away and can’t take your pup? But want them to learn new tricks? Then this is an excellent option for you too! 

Some of Bark N Roll’s overnight boarding extras include VIP boarding suites, communal boarding for pups who like to sleep in groups, and a rockstar treatment package. Rockstar packages consist of a frozen peanut butter kong, a cookie, doggie zen time, transportation, puppy zen time on its own, and a private training session. Bark N Roll has many excellent services to ensure your pup gets the best, whether through training or boarding!

woman in red jacket with 2 dogs and a cat laughing in the woods Bark N Roll Reading MA


Bark N Roll has also had some of its clients featured in movies! One of their pups featured on Pirates of the Caribbean two and three, and worked with Johnny Depp. Bark N Roll also has a vets rock program meant for active military or veterans. It offers veterans discounts as a thank-you for their service. Bark N Roll also operates a nonprofit rescue that fosters sweet pups and prepares them for their forever homes. 

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Bark N Roll

This team certainly leaves no details about providing care for your furry loved ones and truly wants the best for them, just like you! Bark N Roll is more than a boarding or training facility. It’s meant to be like a second home for your pup. Where they can come and have fun, relax, and learn valuable training during their visit or stay. This is definitely a place you can trust with your fur babies! 

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