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Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? There is no doubt you love your canine best friend. You, of course, want your friends and family to love them just as much as you do (after all, look at how adorable they are!). And you no doubt want your canine buddy to have the best life in your care. However, if your tail-wagging friend is jumping on guests, pulling on the leash during walks, not respecting boundaries, or not listening to simple things like “off,” “down,” or “sit” consistently, it can make introducing your furry friend to your human friends and family tricky, especially if your furry friend is a new puppy! It can also make traveling with your furry friend difficult. This is where Blue Dog Training saves the day!

While some dogs take on quickly to training and others may need more time or a different training approach than what you’re using, a professional like Blue Dog Training comes in handy. If your dog has unwanted behavior or struggles calming down when meeting others, don’t give up! The amazingly skilled and experienced trainers at Blue Dog will help YOU train your dog for success! Not only does training help ease the stress of meeting friends and family and going on enjoyable walks, but it also strengthens the bond between you.

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About Blue Dog Training

They say to do what you love, and it won’t feel like work but like play. So, that’s precisely what this husband and wife duo did. Sharing a love for dogs, Kimberly and Chris Palermo decided to make their shared love a business. Both of them came from families of entrepreneurs and business owners. They were familiar with starting their own LLC and worked their tails off to establish their business Blue Dog in 2008. Kimberly Palermo was the first to tug at the idea of following her passion. She’s well-versed in dog training. She is a certified Professional Dog Trainer, a certified Control Unleashed Instructor, a Level 1 TAG teacher, and an AKC Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R. puppy evaluator. These accolades mean you and your four-legged furry friend are in experienced hands!

Kimberly knew she wanted to work with animals. She had been surrounded by them her entire life, including tarantulas. She lovingly spent her teenage years working in a pet supply store, shadow dog training, and more. When she worked out the logistics, she started Blue Dog, named after the breed of her childhood dog Maggie, as a solo dog walking business and took off! As the business grew, she needed to hire others and needed her business partner full-time. This growth led to her husband, Chris Palermo, taking the dive and quitting his IT job to help his wife full-time with Blue Dog. Chris has a passion for animals and loves seeing canines and their owners reach their full training potential for a better life.

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When it comes to training and taking your dog to classes, Blue Dog works differently than your average dog training facility, and that’s precisely why so many people love and recommend them for your training needs. A team of dog training professionals carefully put together their practical, unique, constructive, and enjoyable curriculum with a combined 60+ years of dog training experience. It works more like gym memberships instead of just courses! This unique membership style allows you to attend unlimited classes and move up to each new lesson at your dog’s pace. And making it stress-free and more fun for both of you. No matter your chosen service, your furry best friend will leave with their tail wagging and new skills achieved.


They offer group class settings that go by your dog’s age, under eight months old, and over eight months old, so each dog is in the right setting for their maturity level. They design each class for you and your pup, young or old, to succeed.

Private Training

Suppose your dog requires training from basic manners and behavioral concerns to puppy socialization, and you’re unsure where to start. In that case, their one-on-one private dog training lessons are the perfect place to start. Their Certified Professional Dog Trainers use only science-proven and the most progressive methods to help you achieve your training goals with your dog. These one-on-one private training sessions can occur at home, on Zoom, or at one of their two training facilities.

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Control Unleashed

Turn your worry and stress into confidence with these classes, perfectly designed to help dogs learn how to relax, focus, and work consistently in overly stimulating or stressful situations.

Specialty Classes

Take on extra training to earn your dog a title! From Canine Good Citizen to AKC Tricks, these highly respected American Kennel Club Program will take your dog’s training to a whole new level to be proud of.

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Blue Dog Training Walking Services

While the Blue Dog business has expanded to help dogs and their owners in the area over the years, some things haven’t changed. They STILL walk dogs! Consistency, Control Unleashed, and quality are all a part of their walking services. They are consistent with every walk and personalize their routine to meet your dog’s needs. Their dog walkers also take the time to incorporate Control Unleashed methods into their walks to help teach and promote good walking manners. They also believe in quality over quantity, meaning your dog will have the quality time they deserve on their anticipated walks. Your canine buddy will love their walks with Blue Dog, and you for setting them up!

Blue Dog Training

Don’t let your dog’s unwanted behaviors deter you from having the relationship and life you wanted with your pet or being able to share them with others. Find a Blue Dog Training facility near you, start a fun new chapter with your four-legged friend, and reap all the benefits of training.

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