Butler Farm Dog Park

Black dog ready to play at Butler Farm Dog Park

Butler Farm Dog Park is located in Millbury Mass. Unlike most dog parks, Butler Farm is not owned by the town. Instead, the dog park is financed and maintained by a committee of volunteers. Donations and membership fees fund the dog park for supplies, maintenance, and capital improvements. Not only is the park open to Millbury and Sutton MA residents, but it’s also open to two hundred dogs from other communities. To track this everyone who uses the dog park must be a member.

Butler Farm Membership

To become a member of the Butler Farm Dog Park in Millbury you need a copy of your dog’s current license issued by the town you reside in, a completed application, and to pay the membership fee. Then you can head on over to the Millbury Dept. of Planning and Development office to pick up your membership tag. You can bring your pup along to snag your tag. The staff there love to meet the dog! The fee for membership is $20 for your first dog and $15 for your additional pets. You can find their application on their home page.

Butler Farm Dog Park Rules

When you take your four-legged friends to socialize, be sure to follow the rules of the park. Butler Farm Dog Park does not allow choke collars or pinch collars inside the park. Dogs should not be leashed while playing in the park. Always make sure you pick up your pups’ waste to keep the park clean and prevent the spread of parasites. Don’t bring any dog treats or other foods, including human food, into the dog park. Some dogs playing there may be food aggressive.

Never leave your dog unattended. Any dog excessively barking or mounting other pets must leave immediately to prevent potential fights. To reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancies and potential dog fights, dogs in heat are not allowed at Butler Farm Dog Park. No sick pups or puppies under the age of four months should be in the park to prevent the spread of illnesses. All children under the age of thirteen must be accompanied by an adult. 

The dog park is open from dawn to dusk. The owners of the pups who visit are the ones liable for any damage or injury that may occur. Regardless of who may be at fault for an incident, you must report all bites and scratches that occur at the dog park to the Millbury Board of Health. 

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