Rescue Your New Family Member at Northeast Animal Shelter!

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We all know that pets are not just pets. They are family. And what better way to enhance your family than by adding a new family member? The Northeast Animal Shelter has cats, kittens, puppies, dogs, and even tiny little critters waiting to come home with you. Be sure to check them out today!

About Northeast Animal Shelter

With humane care and resources, Northeast Animal Shelter strives to make a difference in the lives of homeless and owned pets and people. They opened their doors in 1976 and since then have become one of New England’s largest animal adoption centers. They promote compassion for all animals through their community programs and partnerships, which focus on strengthening the human-animal bond to keep people and pets together. Northeast Animal Shelter cares about the relationships between pets and their families. 

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The Safe Shelter

Northeast Animal Shelter ensures that every pet has a safe place to go for shelter and care. They NEVER euthanize animals due to time at the shelter or available space. They work hard to find great matches for people and pets and offer supportive care when needed for animals adopted from their shelter. Northeast Animal Shelter always puts its animals first and strives to make the best matches possible by offering continuing support. If you adopt with them, you can be confident that you are working with the best shelter around. 

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Animal Relocation Program

In 1994, Northeast Animal Shelter created one of the first animal relocation programs. Basically, they take animals from overpopulated areas, transport them to their shelter, care for them, and then offer them homes in the local area. They have done this for over 125,000 animals, as New England has a high demand for adoptable pets. This shelter provides hands-on care to homeless animals in need. It offers owners access to affordable pet care through their community veterinary clinics and community outreach teams. So once you decide to get a fabulous new family member from Northeast Animal Shelter, they will ensure that you get the care you need after you adopt. No matter what, this shelter has you covered every step of the way!

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Adopting from Northeast Animal Shelter

When you want to adopt at Northeast Animal Shelter, you can go to their Available Animal Page and search for any available animals. The adoption program is designed to be welcoming, nonjudgmental, and free of lengthy applications. The page lists their name, the breed type, a picture, and a little blurb about the animal, including their gender and age. Once you’ve found the friend you are interested in adopting, click the link to inquire and submit an adoption form. All of this can be done online. If the animal is listed online, then they are ready to go home with you! If you do not see any animals you are interested in, remember to keep checking the website as the available animals change quickly. 

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Adoption Fees

There are fees associated with each adoption, and several things are included when you adopt. With every adoption, cat or dog, you will receive adoption counseling and take-home care information. For dogs, the average adoption fee for puppies under two years old is $550. For dogs between two and ten years old is $475; for mature dogs, over ten years old is $350. The fees cover spay/neuter surgery, all vaccines, deworming and heartworm tests, microchipping, ID tags, fleas and ticks, and any other treatments they may need.

For cats, kittens under a year will cost an average of around $375. Adult cats from one year to twelve years average $200, and mature cats over twelve years old average $100. The fees include spay/neutering, vaccines, deworming, microchipping, flea treatments, and whatever else they may need. You can also adopt small animals, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Additionally, this includes the spay/ neuter surgery. When you adopt from Northeast Animal Shelter, you become a part of their family, and they are there for you every step of the way. 

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Re-Home Program

At Northeast Animal Shelter, they aim to help as many animals and people as possible. In addition to the relocation and adoption program, they also offer a re-home pet option where they do their best to take in local surrenders when possible. Suppose you can no longer care for your pet, need additional information about how to re-home your animal, or need to speak with the shelter about surrender. In that case, the friendly staff at this shelter are here to help you however they can. 

Lost and Found is one their most popular programs. They will post about a pet you lost or one you may have found and are trying to find its owners. Northeast Animal Shelter wants to help you in any way that they can!

They also have low-cost four-week training courses, including Puppy Kindergarten, designed for puppies ages five months and under. A Good Manner class is also available for those over the age of five months built to strengthen the bond with your new best friend while learning basic obedience skills. Every animal that comes to Northeast Animal Shelter receives medical care, enrichment, and behavior training before adoption. From adoption, relocation, lost and found, and training classes. Northeast Animal Shelter offers support, education, and support throughout the entire adoption process. 

Northeast Animal Shelter

You can visit Northeast Animal Shelter on 347 Highland Avenue in Salem, MA. They have special hours where you can come and meet with the animals to make an adoption match in person. Additionally, you can have one on one with one of the Animal Welfare Specialists to help you with any questions that you may have. Reach out to them via phone or email, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram for all the latest news and schedule your first appointment. 

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