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Dog mom in white shirt kisses her white dog's head questions to ask when adopting a dog
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When you are searching for your new furry family member, you will often have to fill out many applications at various shelters and rescues. The application process can seem daunting with the millions of questions they ask you not just when filling out the application but during the interview process. During the interview, they want […]

Important Questions to Ask When Adopting a Dog in Boston

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mixed white and brown dog sitting in the grass Worcester Animal Rescue League
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When it comes to our animal friends around the world, furry or feathered, we want them to have happiness and know kindness and love. For many of us, they are so much more than a pet that takes up space in our home. They are more like our cuddly animal children, our fur-babies. They hold […]

Why the Worcester Animal Rescue League is Place to Go to Adopt!


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