Deadly Xylitol Uses Other Names

Xylitol is being marketed as Birch Sugar Meme circulating social media.

According to the FDA, Xylitol poisoning can start within 20 minutes and can KILL your dog! Most of us pet parents know to check the peanut butter jar for Xylitol to keep our dogs safe. But, did you know Xylitol has more than one name? How about more than two names? It’s time to check the labels in our homes to protect our dogs from Xylitol!

Xylitol is being marketed as Birch Sugar Meme circulating social media.A sweetener found in an array of food and household products; Xylitol goes by other names that most of us have recently heard about. A meme is currently going around social media informing us that it is now being marketed as Birch Sugar. But, when you search for Xylitol dogs or Xylitol and Birch Sugar there are articles dating back to 2021 warning dog parents of this change.

This new information is worrisome for dog parents everywhere. It’s imperative that we check for this alternative name Birch sugar. But Birch sugar isn’t the only name Xylitol uses. Keep reading for additional names the deadly Xylitol uses to protect your dog.

Birch Sugar and Where it’s Found

Yes, Xylitol is also called Birch Sugar. But that’s not all. It has other names you need to look out for. Wood sugar and birch bark extract are interchangeable with birch sugar and Xylitol. No matter the name, this common sweetener ingredient can quickly kill our beloved family dogs. french bulldog with grey coloring and a white spot in Boston

It’s not just peanut butter you might use to sneak a pill to your pup that you need to pay attention to. Birch sugar aka birch bark extract aka wood sugar aka the infamous Xylitol isn’t just in sugar-free products like sugar-free gum, candies, mints, and desserts. It’s in our household products like our mouthwash, toothpaste, cough syrups, and other liquid medicines for adults and children. Birch sugar is also found in dietary supplements like fiber gummies and sleep aids.

Do you have a new puppy? A new rescue dog who is still in need of some house manners? Maybe just a sneaky counter surfer? Look in your cabinets and on your counters to ensure this deadly ingredient isn’t accessible to your pup.

Informative FDA Poster about the danger of Xylitol with dogs

Signs of Birch Sugar Xylitol Poisoning

Birch sugar poisoning can start in just 20 minutes. Vomiting, decreased activity, weakness, collapse, difficulty walking or standing, shaking, and seizures are signs of Xylitol aka Birch Sugar poisoning. Coma, bleeding problems, liver failure, and death can occur.

Check Your Home for Xylitol

Every second counts! Call Animal Poison Control at 888-426-4435 or contact your veterinarian or emergency animal clinic immediately if you think your dog ingested something containing Xylitol or birch sugar. It’s not worth the risk to guess or to wait.

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