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Whether you consider your dog to be humankind’s best friend, your four-legged child, your fur baby, or your canine best friend, you no doubt want them to have a happy and love-filled life. Zen Dog Training in Boston couldn’t agree more! However, giving that life can be frustrating if they are jumping on guests and you have to hide them in another room or crate. Perhaps sticking to house training is proving more challenging than you thought, or they seem scared of the people you’d love to share their cuteness with.

Dogs, just like people, can develop unwanted behaviors that make it hard for you to make their forever home a less stressful and happy one. If you’ve tried everything you can think of, maybe it’s time to call in a professional. Finding the proper training for your dog will not only benefit your sanity and your dog’s happiness, but it can strengthen your bond. Zen Dog Training wants to build that relationship between you and your furry friend lovingly and consistently. 

About Zen Dog Training

Gordon Fontaine’s love for dogs and working with them blossomed at 11 when he received the big responsibility of caring for and training their family dog. He continued working with dogs and even participated in dog training classes.

These classes built his view on the value of professional training methods and how people could use these methods to support the quality of life of each dog. Simultaneously, these methods vastly improved the relationship between dogs and their owners.

He gained more experience helping friends and family understand their furry canine friends. Gordon taught them how to address their dog’s unwanted behaviors using the tactics he learned in the classes he took. He saw firsthand how each method worked or didn’t work.

While Gordon enjoyed training with dogs, he studied and went to school to pursue a career in finance and business, eventually working for corporate companies. As time passed, he knew something was missing, his true passion.

In 2005 he decided to pursue his passion and established an opportunity where he could help owners build healthier and happier relationships with their four-legged friends, called Zen Dog Training. He is a certified dog trainer with a Certificate in Training and Counseling from San Francisco SPCA Dog Training Academy.

Furthermore, Gordon is only one of 500 graduates of their thorough and highly intensive world-renowned program. He worked with some of the best and most well-known dog trainers in the nation, who helped critique and hone his skills as a trainer.

When he started Zen Dog Training, he wanted to offer something other than some fad and random methods. From day one, he has been on a mission to help guide owners through effective, gentle, and proven training methods.

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While they offer dog training, they often laugh at the fact that they actually train humans to understand better and guide man’s best friend. By teaching you how to use consistency, gentle reinforcement, understanding behavior, and applying the proper technique, their trainers will guide you on how to work through your dog’s unwanted habits and behaviors.

Whether you have a puppy or a dog that’s a little wiser in its years, they believe and know any dog can learn a new trick as long as it’s in the right conditions. You can take group classes, schedule a private in-home training session, or take advantage of the convenience of their online solutions. 

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In-home training: 

With a tailored plan, they will help you combine their easy-to-learn methods with your dog’s daily routine, from meals to walks and even playtime. They are confident that you will find that 2-3 visits are all it takes to train your barking bestie!

Group classes:

Their puppy classes occur at 391 b Medford St, Somerville, MA. These classes are a six-week series of one-hour group meetings where they will go over the following:

  • Supervised socialization
  • Obedience training
  • How to stop play biting
  • House training 
  • Separation anxiety prevention
  • Coming when called, as well as commands like heel, sit, down, and stay,
  • Leash handling skills
  • How to Interrupt Unwanted Behaviors.
  • A full class dedicated to loose leash walking, so your dog stops pulling.

***Shy/timid dogs and dogs with separation anxiety issues get special attention and training plans.

Online solutions:

Can’t make it to training but love their methods? You can access their online courses to help you start training immediately! 

On their website, you can check out everything they offer, from classes to advice and even comics and ebooks.

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With Zen Dog Training, you get much more than a list of commands and directions. Their trainers understand that each dog, like their owners, is unique. They know that some training approaches may need to be adjusted, or they may need to address an underlying contributor.

They take the time to get to know you and your dog’s unique story. Additionally, they learn to understand the unwanted behaviors your dog is displaying. Hence, they can give more adequate and individualized training advice and methods.

Not only will they tailor each method to fit your and your canine friend’s needs, but they can explain the “why” and “how” of the habit and how to fix it. So you can train them effectively and understand your furry friend better. They specialize in helping:

  • Shy/Timid/Fearful dogs
  • House Training
  • Crate Training
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Leash Walking
  • Solving Play Biting
  • Jumping up
  • Demanding Dogs
  • Overly-Excitable Rambunctious Puppies

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Zen Dog Training Boston

When you choose Zen Dog Training in Boston, you’re choosing to train your four-legged friend and strengthen your relationship with them. Their variety of classes and training methods offer multiple options to reach the goals you set for yourself and your dog. With their guidance, there will be no more hiding them when guests are over or cleaning up unsanitary messes. Replace the unwanted behaviors with less stress, more fun, and all the puppy snuggles and kisses.

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