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About In Stride Pet Dog Training LLC

 Amy Schuller is the owner and operator of In Stride Pet Dog Training. She is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (acquired at Mount Ida College in Newton, MA), a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and a Force and Fear Free Certified Professional Trainer. Amy will never use pain to create change in your dog’s behavior. Instead, she believes in helping the dog and its parent to enhance their relationship through communication and understanding. Amy’s philosophy is that a calm and fair handler will, in turn, nurture a calm and reliable dog”. In Stride Dog Training offers private classes at your home or their Fitchburg, MA facility.

Lure & Reward

Amy uses a positive reinforcement training method of lure and reward. The lure helps the dogs acquire the skills and the reward of a treat, toy, or praise reinforces the newly learned skill. The lure helps the dog understand the action they completed was correct. Therefore, the rewards are removed to show the dog’s incorrect action. Training with Amy uses humane and science-backed methods without pain and no leash pops or yanks on your dog.

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Private Classes with In Stride Dog Training

Private training sessions are one hour long and can be done at your home or at the facility. Having private sessions at your home is a great way for your dog to begin training in an environment it feels safe. The private sessions at the training center occur in a secure and distraction-free classroom setting. Whether you choose to have your private sessions at the training center or at your home, In Stride Pet Dog Training will work with you and your dog to address the issues you are having difficulties with. Your private training is tailored to you and your pup! 

Group Classes at In Stride Dog Training

Want to get your puppy or dog into some training classes? If so, visit the Training Center at 245 Crawford St., Fitchburg, MA. There you and your dog can participate in an array of group classes! Along with the puppy classes and obedience classes at In Stride Dog Training, there are group classes specifically for reactive and fearful dogs, shy dogs, and dogs who want to participate in competitions. In Stride Dog Training is the first dog training facility I have found that offers group classes for reactive and fearful dogs.

Puppy learning sit

 –        Puppy Kindergarten

Get your puppy off to a great start with Puppy Kindergarten at In Stride Pet Dog Training! Classes are 55 minutes and 7 weeks long. Throughout the classes, you and your puppy will learn basic obedience skills such as recognizing their name, sit, stay, leave it, drop it come, and more. Along with these obedience skills, you will learn crate training, handling skills, nutrition, proper social and play behavior, and how to read and understand dog body language. This is for puppies from 8 weeks through 5 months old.

 –        Puppy Graduate

The Puppy Graduate class is for those who have already completed Puppy Kindergarten with In Stride Dog Training but are still under 9 months old. In this class, you will continue to develop skills learned in Puppy Kindergarten. The trainers will refine your puppy’s obedience skills. Additionally, they will become more confident and reliable through the extended times, distances, and distractions during training classes.

–        Puppy Playgroup

Puppy Playgroup is a great way to learn normal and healthy play and appropriate socialization for puppies 8 weeks to 8 months of age. You will also learn the ability to read and understand your dog’s body language in playgroup. Unlike Puppy Kindergarten, you will not learn obedience skills and this playgroup is for dogs no larger than 50 pounds.

 –        Beginner Obedience and Intermediate Obedience

Beginner and Intermediate Obedience are for dogs 6 months of age and older. These classes follow the same teachings in Puppy Kindergarten and Puppy Graduate but with older dogs. Beginner Obedience teaches basic obedience skills, proper socialization, play, and much more. And the Intermediate Obedience class, like the Puppy Graduate class, extends their abilities and reliability by practicing longer wait times and distance and with higher distraction levels.

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 –        Advance Obedience with Field Trips

 The Advance class with In Stride Pet Dog Training is for pups who have completed both levels of obedience classes, whether the puppy classes or the beginner and intermediate classes. You and your dog will continue your skills from previous courses with this class. You will also continue to refine those skills with longer wait times and distances, but the type of distractions has changed! Now you and your pup will meet outside of the facility for real-world distractions. In addition to previous obedience skills, you will also work on long leash exercises and off-leash skills in the real work setting.

Specialty Group Classes at In Stride Dog Training

 –        Confidence Building Program

This class is for dogs aged 10 weeks to adulthood. The Confidence Building Program is specifically designed for puppies and dogs looking to build their confidence with new stimuli like noises, sights, and sounds. Trainers will review handling and cooperative care, and the dogs will use some agility equipment to learn varying levels of obstacles. Shy or sensitive dogs are welcomed but reactive or aggressive dogs are not. So, those who are fearful, reactive, or aggressive should start with the Reactive/Fearful Introductory Program.

        Reactive/Fearful Dog Introductory

The Reactive/Fearful Dog Intro class is specifically designed for dogs that are easily overwhelmed or especially excited by other dogs, people, and new situations. So, if your pup has difficulties with fear, anxiety, and/or reactivity, this class is for you! But don’t worry. At In stride Pet Dog Training they practice in the same training room but behind barriers. This is because they cannot see their triggers. In this class, you and your pup can practice in a safe and consistent environment where you will learn all about the proper equipment, supplies, behavior, and learning theory. 

        Reactive/Fearful Dog Extended

The extended Reactive/Fearful class builds upon lessons learned in the introductory class. You must have completed the introductory class to attend. Here you will continue developing your pup’s skills and the knowledge you both gained in the intro class.

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        Canine Good Citizen Prep Program

A test of ten skills and a pledge to earn this award from the AKC! The Canine Good Citizen Prep Program prepares you and your pup for the 10-skill test and instills the value of responsible ownership. This program is open to dogs 6 months and up and all breeds whether mixed or purebred. So, any pup that’s old enough and comfortable, and friendly with new people and dogs can enroll.

        AKC Trick Program

The AKC Trick Dog Titles of Novice, Intermediate or Advanced are open to any mixed or purebred dog. Any pup 6 months to adulthood that has completed an introductory course in obedience can take this program. Shy or sensitive dogs are welcome. However, reactive or aggressive dogs are not. Those who are fearful, reactive, or aggressive should start with the Reactive/Fearful Introductory Program. In this class, you and your pup will choose ten tricks to learn. Dogs must master and demonstrate those ten tricks by the end of the course to earn their title.

        Doggie Day School

At In Stride Pet Dog Training’s Fitchburg training center your dog will have a fun-filled day of learning at their Doggie Day School. The doggie day school is open to all breeds for dogs 10 weeks through adulthood. However, this is not doggy daycare. This is a special two-week program that your dog attends Monday-Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Each pup attending the program has an individualized curriculum based on their training needs. Doggie Day Camp is a great alternative to a board and train program. With day school, you don’t have to be away from your fur baby for weeks at a time. Instead, they get to spend their evenings and mornings with you and train during the day!

–        K9 Nose Work 

K9 Nose Work is scent training. This training is with Gail, a certified nose work instructor. Contact Gail directly for details and registration:

Terrier Rescue mix in Down position

 Vaccine Policy at In Stride Dog Training

Under 12 weeks – 1 DHPP, 1 Kennel Cough, and results of a negative stool sample.

12 weeks to 6 months – 2 DHPP, 1 Kennel Cough, and results of a negative stool sample.

6 months to one year – 2 DHPP, 1 Kennel Cough, and Rabies.

Over one year – Up to date DHPP and Rabies and an annual Kennel Cough.

Optionally, titers are accepted if accompanied by a letter from your veterinarian. If the stool sample is positive, a letter from the veterinarian stating the puppy is on appropriate treatment will be accepted. All dogs must wait seven days after vaccination before entering a class. So, email copies to In Stride Dog Training at least three days before the start of class! Also, never attend classes with a sick pup. 

Schedule Online with In Stride Dog Training

Whether you want to book a private session or a group class, In Stride Dog Training has an easy-to-use online scheduling form right on their website! Simply click on the private or group training tab to choose your appointment date and time or pick your class. Not sure which class is suitable for you? Then head on over to the Contact page to reach out. Once they receive the info, they will reach out to you and help place you and your fur baby in a suitable class!


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