Why the Worcester Animal Rescue League is Place to Go to Adopt!

mixed white and brown dog sitting in the grass Worcester Animal Rescue League

When it comes to our animal friends around the world, furry or feathered, we want them to have happiness and know kindness and love. For many of us, they are so much more than a pet that takes up space in our home. They are more like our cuddly animal children, our fur-babies. They hold special places in our hearts and souls. Sure, a pet store is one place to look, but I highly recommend visiting Worcester Animal Rescue League.

We all have stories of how we found our pawtastic and talentedly-toned friends and brought them home. Each one sweet and full of love. If you’re looking to add a new story and friend to your family or maybe even create your first “I got you day” story and find your first animal friends, adoption is a great route. They have so much to offer, from helping you find your new animal bestie to opportunities to help animals and others find their new homes. You could say they are in the business of love.

History of the Worcester Animal Rescue League

In 1912 a group of women passionate about helping overworked horses, stray dogs, and cats banded together to organize and founded the Worcester Animal Rescue League, commonly referred to as WARL. These dedicated and caring women helped many animals. They stayed with WARL for the remainder of their charitable and kind-hearted lives. WARL was initially located on Grove Street in Worcester from 1916 to 1929 and often took animals far beyond their city. They stretched their services and hearts as far as possible to create a safe place for these tired and sometimes abandoned furry and hoved friends. 

Expanding beyond their city meant purchasing their first ‘automobile truck’ to help them more easily help these animals in need of rescue and care. Within that first year, they managed a whopping 5,395 mi total within their 233 trips. The demand for WARL’s services only seemed to grow as time passed. Taking in an impressive 3,623 animals in 1924, only to jump an additional 262 animals (3,885 in total) the following year. It was obvious they needed a more extensive facility to better care for these poor animals they would rescue. Still, they were already struggling and working on a deficit. With hope, they turned to their community and asked for help. 

french bulldog standing in a forest Worcester Animal Rescue League

Their Saving Grace

Their compassionate hearts that cared for nearly 4,000 animals every year had not gone unnoticed. The community saw their hard work and the difference they made and offered monetary donations and needed supplies. Some community members even set up bequeathments so that WARL would receive donations from their wills when they passed. These heartfelt gestures led to them owning the 5-acre Deacon Fisher estate, where they still reside at 139 Holden street in Worcester. They have made repairs and renovations since their grand opening in 1975 to keep their facility in working and accommodating order. However, even with updates over the years, they still have limits on how many furry friends they can take in. The good news is they always welcome help from the community and have many helpful services and programs you can use or be a part of to help.

black and brown dog in the woods at winter time Worcester Animal Rescue League


Through the years, the team at Worcester Animal Rescue League has developed various services for both new and veteran pet owners. They currently operate a Dog Boarding service that is like sending the pup to the spa. The facility uses separate boarding kennels for owned dogs and require up-to-date rabies, distemper, and kennel cough vaccines. They eat twice a day (unless they need more), let out separately for bathroom breaks, and soak up some sunshine.

More recently, they have added low-cost vaccines and microchip services for the community. Once a month, they hold a first come, first serve clinic for gets, vaccines, and microchipping. Call ahead to verify the date and time.

They offer year-round spay and neuter services for cats and dogs. Additionally, the League operates a food pantry for hungry fur babies. Whether you need a helping paw to feed your furry loved one or would like to donate to help others pet pantry is an excellent source of help.

But do not worry. They have not forgotten about their feline friends. Their working cat program offers placement help for cats with a little extra adventure in them. Because not all cats are made for the snuggly indoor lifestyle but need shelter. If you have a farm, brewery, or other outbuildings that could provide safety, then a feline will help keep your area free of pests. Worcester Animal Rescue League helps connect the adventure cats to you! 

Finally, they understand that life sometimes becomes unmanageable and unsafe for our furry friends. That is why they assist in surrendering pets and will gladly help find a new home for your friend.

dog sitting on a log in a forest Worcester Animal Rescue League

How You Can Help 

When you adopt, not only is it a win for you and your new friend, but that frees up space in the shelter for another pet to have a safe place to wait for their forever home. Worcester Animal Rescue League always accepts donations and planned giving. From monthly donations to supplies and more, there are many ways to give.

Another incredible way to help can be found in their Foster Program. With limited shelter, you can help give a temporary space while they help find your foster baby a forever home. 

Finally, the most valuable donation is by volunteering your time. If you have time and maybe even a particularly helpful skill, Worcester Animal Rescue League would love to have your help.

Worcester Animal Rescue League

Worcester Animal Rescue League is full of possibilities, love, and compassion when it comes to animals. They are the people who come to help. Giving an animal a second or maybe even its 4th chance at its forever home is a feeling like no other. Their sweet eyes looking up at you with admiration and most likely wanting to steal all of your attention. What’s not to love?

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