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French Bulldogs are one-of-a-kind dogs, and The French Bulldog Rescue Network understands this! It is hard to resist the undeniably cute and charismatic face of a French Bulldog. Their short, broad snouts, expansive and expressive ears, and sweet round eyes are endearing to many a dog lover, not to mention their unique and colorful coats. Frenchies have playful, alert, and well-tempered (albeit stubborn) dispositions that make them irresistible for city dwellings. They are even known for getting along great with kids, making them ideal family dogs. 

Unfortunately, the recent popularity of French Bulldogs has led to considerable overbreeding. As a result, there is an abundance of Frenchies with health issues. Unfortunately, plenty even surrender for one reason or another. Frenchies have so many specific health needs and additional care needed. Consequently, families who adopt Frenchies from shelters only sometimes fully comprehend their commitment when bringing one home. 

The French Bulldog Rescue Network dedicates its time to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming Frenchies. They are passionate about ensuring that loving humans with an adequate understanding of French bulldogs’ needs adopt these beautiful dogs! They want each owner to give every dog a sustainable, long, happy, and healthy life full of love. 

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About French Bulldog Rescue Network

The French Bulldog Rescue Network was a registered non-profit founded in 2001. They rescue French bulldogs in need from commercial breeding kennels, import brokers, shelters, private rescue groups, or Good Samaritans. Their organization is 100% volunteer-run and has a presence in all fifty states and Canada. Foster volunteers nurture the dogs and give them temporary homes until they find their forever families, providing education, training, and veterinary care. 

Application Process

The French Bulldog Rescue Network is a beautiful way to find a Frenchie who needs a good home. When you browse their website, you will see a variety of sweet faces available for adoption, as well as their name and fostering locations. A click on a Frenchie’s photo will take you to an in-depth bio so you can learn a bit more about their temperament and personality. If you find a pup that you think is the right fit for your lifestyle, you can apply for them through their online application process. There is an adoption fee that mainly helps to offset veterinary expenses. 

As you might imagine, young, healthy Frenchies are very popular and often receive many applications for newly posted profiles. The French Bulldog Rescue Network reviews the first 20 applications as potential homes for a dog. However, they will check if they receive more than 20 in the first 24 hours of availability. 

grey puppy from the French bulldog rescue networkRegardless of whether or not the Network chooses your application, all applicants will receive a notification of home adoption. The team at the French Bulldog Rescue Network carefully reviews every application. It follows up to specifically address each dog’s needs. Be sure to carefully outline why you believe your household would be the best fit for the dog you apply for so your application is noticed! 

When you apply to adopt a Frenchie, your application (along with any other applications received) passes to the dog’s foster family. That family selects a limited number of applicants that they believe are a good fit for the dog in question. Then, the French Bulldog Rescue Network will follow up with your veterinary references, and the foster family will do a phone interview. The Network concludes the process with home visits. The adoption length can take days to weeks, depending on the number of applicants and the interview process. Please be patient, and remember that the entire organization is volunteer-run, meaning everyone involved has other jobs and familial duties to attend to outside Frenchie rescues. 


The French Bulldog Rescue Mission sprays or neuters all of their available dogs, keeps them current in their vaccinations, and implants them with a microchip. The organization also treats dogs for any known chronic illnesses. As a note, dogs that require significantly more medical care than others may be designated as Special Needs by the organization. Because of this, their availability is for a reduced adoption fee to accommodate extra veterinary costs.

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Suppose you want to help the organization but can’t necessarily adopt a dog. In that case, there are plenty of other ways to contribute! 

You can volunteer to foster a Frenchie while they wait to find a forever home! Volunteers should have flat-faced breed or brachycephalic experience. Additionally, they should have a reference from their current veterinarian and two references from unrelated people who can attest to their skills with dogs. 

If you cannot open your home to a temporary furry friend, there are still other ways to help. With the rising popularity of Frenchies, the French Bulldog Rescue Network is seeing a considerable increase in families needing to surrender their dogs. Unfortunately, these dogs are also in increasingly dire conditions and require more veterinary care. Private donations primarily fund the organization, so any financial contribution allows them to continue its essential work. You can also sponsor a specific dog’s adoption, a lovely way to honor a beloved pet, friend, or family member. 

The French Bulldog Rescue knows that a Frenchie is not just a pet – they are a beloved family member and fur baby. For those who have loved and lost a best friend, they offer the opportunity to honor your angel pup with a memorial donation. Your Frenchie’s photo will show up on their website with a short message of your choosing. Your contribution goes straight to helping other French Bulldogs find their forever family! The goal is that the dogs will one day find a family just like yours to hold them in their hearts for the rest of their lives. 

grey puppy with a green collar

French Bulldog Rescue Network

French Bulldogs aren’t just endearing, comedic personalities with scrunchy, compact bodies. They are some of the best dogs to call a family member. Their unwavering loyalty, clever intellect, and adaptability make them ideal companions. Few organizations are as dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming Frenchies as The French Bulldog Rescue Network. They need your help to ensure all Frenchies have a comfortable, loving home to call their own. Whether you are looking to adopt, foster, or donate, consider becoming a part of a good cause. Spend time on their website to get a sense of their mission. You can even browse some sweet dogs looking for a new family!

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